Hi there!

I'm Matthew, Network Engineer by profession, landscape photographer by passion and this is my is my journey to becoming a travel photographer.

Ever since getting my first DSLR (Canon 650D) back in 2012, I have become obsessed with taking photos. After 6 years of trials and errors, I feel confident that I can start offering my photography as a service as well as providing valuable advice to those who are still new to the craft (whilst not discounting that I myself have yet much to learn).

Being a lover of the great outdoors, many times I find myself in such beautiful places that it is hard to describe using just words; this is where I found my love towards landscape and astro-landscape photography.

In this blog I will share with you the tools I use to plan and shoot my photos as well as gear and travel tips for those who are budget conscious.

So pack your gear and come join me on this never-ending adventure of travel and photography in the search of the greatest landscape photos!