Photographing the Lunar Eclipse

Photographing the Lunar Eclipse

I had been to planning to photograph the lunar eclipse for some time and the 21st of January was approaching fast, which meant that I had to find a location for my shoot and quickly.

My tool of choice for such a job is The Photographer’s Ephemeris.  TPE is a tool that lets you plan in advance where the sun and moon will be on a particular time and date (a blog post how to use this will be available soon).

With the help of TPE I knew that the moon would be towards the northwest and pretty much near the horizon at the time of totality. Luckily, most of the west coast of the island is cliffs with a sea-view; for once I was spoilt for choice. After considering some compositions I narrowed my choice to two locations: Crocodile Rock in Gozo or Gnejna in Malta.

On the morning of the 20th I headed out for work at 6am. It was a miserable day. Rain was pouring in buckets and the wind was blowing as if trying to lift me off my feet, my hope of shooting the eclipse were pretty low at this time. 12 hours later at the end of my shift, the skies had started to clear up and although it was a long day my moral was up.

At 2am on the 21st I headed out in my van towards Gnejna, to an area known as il-Lippija. I set up my tripod and took the first photo. It was cloudy, really cloudy. Thankfully I managed to shoot through the first half of the eclipse until the moon got completely covered by clouds. It being 5am by this time, I took a short nap before driving to my sunrise location; but that is a story for another time (Check out my Instagram and Facebook for the photo).

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