Sunset at Dingli Cliffs

Hi blog,

..its been a while I know; and for that I apologise.

Things have been hectic around here. Renovating the office space, filming new content (coming soon) and some overtime at my full-time job. Hopefully all of this will trickle to more free content for you guys in the new year.

Today was my first real off day in weeks; had a good ride with the bike during the day with a few coffee stops of course. Ended with the day playing hide and seek with sun before heading to my last coffee stop (with a serving of pastizzi) from Serkin.

Over all, I am 81% percent happy with the composition and the over all final image. A definite re-shoot in the coming days. What are your thoughts?

Shot on:
Canon 6D + Tamron 24-70
50mm / 1s / f11 / iso100

20181204-Dingli Cliffs Sunset Path

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